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Holidays in New York

Visiting New York for the holidays? Native New Yorker enjoying the holiday season? Come experience New York’s premier gentleman’s club conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan.

An Intro Guide to Whiskey

Not considering brand labels, including the location a whiskey is made—the basics of distilling and aging do not change much just because you cross a border or what it costs.  You’ll see that all whiskeys are generally put together from 3 basic building blocks: the grain, the still, and the barrel. Each of these variables requires choices to be made. It’s these choices (some of them mandated by law) which define the end product that is available in the bottle. There are at least 6 various ways you can combine them to make whiskey, but only 4 of these ways

How to Choose a Quality Cigar

Cigars are no longer just for established smokers only. They have morphed into a staple in society, representing a type of character and class of men. Whether you’re enjoying a smoke after dinner, with buddies during a round of golf, or out at the bar or lounge for drinks, cigars are the perfect complement to an overall type of lifestyle. The method of choosing a cigar that satisfies your taste begins with an overview of your preferences, as there are endless cigars available to choose from. The Body The first consideration is what type of bodied cigar one is looking

NYC Bachelor Party Guide 2017

New York City is among the top desired destinations for an unforgettable bachelor party. With non-stop strip clubs, lounges, bars and restaurants, how could you go wrong? Now that we know what we’re getting into, let’s take a deeper dive into the main elements to success to a great bachelor party in the big apple. 1 – Location A suite in a hotel that is bachelor party friendly is an ideal situation to start with. A private room in an understanding bar or apartment are also great bets. But the best case scenario is securing a private VIP room where